Ventus Chain & Stats

The New World Node is not only a unique piece of art, each NewWorldNode forms a real node in the Ventus Chain developed by CodCat.

NwN is the union of web3 enthusiasts and art collectors who run a new World node. And at the forefront of experiencing the possibilities and redoubts of a new decentralized world.

What is Ventus:

Ventus is an Ethereum-based Gen4 blockchain being developed by CodCat.

Ventus is specifically designed to run on ARM small devices, ensuring entirely new possibilities in energy efficiency and decentralization.

It is not the classic Ethereum fork with Ventus.

Our consensus mechanism POTA (proof of trusted authority) forms the basis to develop a community operated blockchain that is fast, secure and environmentally friendly.

Ventus enables developers to design DAPs, DAOs, Blockchain micro services and any smart contract based application. With permanent minimal transaction costs.

Currently, Ventus is still in the test network phase, we are working hard to get the main-net online this year.

Already in the first test phase it has been shown that the performance of the chain can still be increased considerably and the values listed below only apply to the momentary state. We will publish more information about this topic soon.


  • 800 transactions per second
  • 8 million times greener than Ethereum
  • 100% Ethereum development tools compatible
  • Permanent minimal transaction costs